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Social Media Marketing Training Odisha

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media marketing in short we can say SMM is a Part of Digital Marketing Course. It plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization also. It generates No-Follow Links to Our web-page. As all of you know about social media and its worldwide coverage, various businesses are using social media as a responsive marketing tool to grow their businesses and reach their targeted audiences.

Why we use Social Media Marketing?

Basically people are sharing their basic information on social media and also their likes and dislikes as well as their political views etc. By social media marketing training we can analyze our targeted audiences by using different tools. Overly Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a good marketing technique to get high return on investment (ROI) on marketing expenses of a business.

iBrain Technology gives you best two months Social Media Marketing Training course in Bhubaneswar duration for Beginners. Our SMM Professionals are working in Websites promotions for more than five years and Guest Faculties from renowned Digital Marketing Companies from Bangalore;now we described Social Media Marketing Training based on the IT Industry standard that must help our students to compete the best SMM Training in just sixty days.

Paid Social Media Course Syllabus

Introduction to Social Media + Blogs

Latest Trends & Stats in Social Media along with Success Stories

Social Media Algorithm

Facebook Page Creation

Facebook Page Setting & Customization

Facebook Algorithm

Canva Tool & various Creative Creation Tools & How to Create GIFs

Facebook Organic Strategy

Facebook Canvas

Introduction to Instagram & its Various Features

Introduction to Twitter

Twitter Organic Strategy

Introduction to #tags

Introduction to LinkedIn

Creating a Company Page & Profile Structuring with LinkedIn

Organic Strategy in LinkedIn

Google Plus Profile & Page for your Business

How Social Media is Linked to SEO


Social Media Reporting

Social Media 3rd Party Tools

Individuals will benefit from having a better-informed Social Media presence for your business expansion. Businesses will learn how to develop a more robust online presence and engage with international audiences to enhance international trade prospects

Other benefits include;

  • Improved Audience Insights to run a successful social media campaign
  • Learn to manage your customer service better
  • Learn to distribute your content effectively
  • How to become an Influencer in your Industry
  • Know to drive traffic to your website
  • Learn to enhance your SEO rankings
  • Save money

Ranjan Jena:  Founder & CEO – eMarket Education

Debendra Jena : Digital Marketing Specialist

Who can opt to pursue a Social Media Marketing Course training?

To be frank, there’s a very big misunderstanding on the basic level on this topic. Actually Social Media Marketing or SMM as defined in the online industry, is an integral subject of Digital Marketing course.

If we look into the qualification eligibility then it can be categorized into two factors.

  • Graduate and above
  • Under Graduate

Other skills required in terms of SMM Course training are:

  • Strong English language proficiency (both writing and communication)
  • Extraordinary creative ideas
  • Strong analytical and reasoning knowledge
  • Designing knowledge will be an additional bonus

After the qualification, the following segment of people can really take up the SMM course:

  • Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Job seekers
  • Housewives

Scope of Social Media Marketing course in terms of job and career prospects?

Surprise Gift : Social Media Handbook PDF