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Best PHP Framework Training Course in Bhubaneswar

PHP Frameworks has been the most popular scripting language used in frameworks for development over the years. But as the time changes maximum companies and developers move an extra-mile for an advanced level of PHP, which is CakePHP, which falls under ‘PHP Framework Training in Bhubaneswar.’ CakePHP is an open-source platform for development that has an extreme popularity in the development companies. It is used and accepted worldwide as a benchmark development platform after PHP.

iBrain Technology is the most popular CakePHP Training Center in Bhubaneswar that helps the PHP developers and beginners to get the detailed knowledge about this popular framework. Here at iBrainTech the entire syllabus of CakePHP is divided in different modules which make it easier for the students to understand each and every module in detail. With 1-on-1 interaction students get in depth knowledge about the basic and advanced concepts of CakePHP. With our team of highly qualified Developers and Guest Faculties working in top software companies in Bhubaneswar, students will get a quality training experience as per industry standards.

If you too want to learn CakePHP Development and enhance your career, then iBrain Technology is the right place nurture your desire of learning and exploring this technology. ‘Enroll Now’ with us and boost your career in PHP Development. We are the right choice to make your career shine like a gem with our CakePHP and other Framework Training.


  • Introduction to CakePHP
  • Understanding the MVC Pattern
  • Models, Controllers, View, How it works?


  • Configuration cakePHP
  • Setting up cakephp with apache environment eg:enable mod_rewrite, configuring Cake to work with database, running cake for the first time.


  • Cake Convestion
  • Naming convention for models, controllers, views and database tables

Module 4 [MODELS]

  • Models
  • Creating up model for a database table, retrieving data, saving and updating data, deleting data, user defined functions in models,data valdation


  • Controllers
  • Creating controllers, controller function, interacting with model, interacting with views, controller variables & parameters,redirection, getting post data

Module 6 [VIEWS]

  • Views
  • Working and configuring layouts, creating custom layouts, elements and helpers

Module 7 [SESSION]

  • Cake Session
  • Storing data in cake session, reading a session data data, delete data from session

Module 8 [HELPERS]

  • Helpers
  • Javascript, Ajax

Module 10 [PROJECT]

  • Real Life Project

Module 9 [CACHING]

  • Caching
  • Working with cache, activating cache, enable cache within controller, marking content that is not to be cached, clearing cache