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Advance Digital Marketing Course Training with Placement

iBrain Technology being one of the best Mobile APP Technology, Web Technology and Digital Marketing Agency in Bhubaneswar, we focus on quality, productive and goal-oriented services in all divisions. Through our Digital Marketing Course we provide extensive practical sessions and polishing in-depth concept on real-time projects we help students to kick start their career as a Digital Marketer with real time experience as per current industry Standard.

At iBrain Technology you get trained from Digital Marketing Experts with 10+ years of experience, will assist and train you through everything, from search engines, social media and expose you to effective tools. We give the best and top quality digital marketing training courses in Bhubaneswar to help you become a successful digital marketing expert.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus


Introduction to Blogging Course

Blogging course either with WordPress or Blogger or Tumblr

Deciding on blog layout design with ready templates

Various default Blog widget integrations

Adding of Blog multiple pages

Creating & posting of blog articles

Basic on-page optimized page

Integration of Google Analytics & Google Webmaster tool

Blogging marketing plan Course

SEO SYLLABUS | (35 Hours)

Intro of Search Engine, Functions & Features

Types of Search Engine

Website & Competitor SEO Analysis

Google SEO Algorithm updates

Black Hat/White Hat/Grey Hat SEO

SEO Search Operators

SEO Keyword Research & Implementation

SEO Technical Audit & Recommendation

SEO Website Design & Architecture

SEO On-Page Optimization

Site Navigation

URL Structure

Bread Crumbs

Meta Tags

Anchor Text

Image Alt Tags

Optimizing Images

Content Optimization

Site Map HTML & XML

Canonical / 404 Implementation Web page redirections

Webmaster tool integration & monitoring

Creation of XML / HTML & it’s implementation

Uses of Robots.txt file & Implementation


SEO On-Page Optimization

Link Anatomy

Types of Links & Importance

Difference Follow & No-follow

Identifying Natural & Artificial Link Patterns

Link Metrics

Authority Links

Back Link Analysis

Links Prospecting

Local Search listing

Social Integration & role of social media for SEO

Blogs Roll

RSS Syndication

Link Building Tools

SEO Google Webmaster Learning & Practicing

Google Local Listing Optimization

SEO 3rd Party Analysis Tools

SEO Reporting

SEO Strategy


Defining the Client’s budget, Goals & Targets

PPC Website Analysis & Competitor Analysis

Google Ads Campaign Structuring

PPC Keyword Research

PPC Keyword Match Type

AdCopy Creation

PPC Quality Score

AdWords Account Set-up

Google Ads Interface explanation

Campaign Settings for Search & Display Network

Display Network Campaign Set-up

Ad Extensions

PPC Remarketing

PPC optimization Techniques

Shopping Ads / PLA

Video Ads

Dynamic Search Ads

PPC Google AdWords Certification Exam


Social Media Branding, Engagement & Management

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Branding strategy

Facebook Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Social Media Analytical Insights, Analysis & Reports


Social Media Branding, Engagement & Management

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Branding strategy

Facebook Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Social Media Analytical Insights, Analysis & Reports

Benefits Of Digital Marketing Course On-Job Training

Develop a understanding on Digital Marketing comprehensively both practically and theoretically. Internet marketing strategies execution and learn to reach a potential customer using the modern technology and key features in Digital Marketing. Build focused web marketing team and manage various marketing promotions including SEO, Social Media, PPC, Email marketing, Affiliate, Video Marketing and Mobile marketing.

Other benefits in digital marketing course on-job training include;

• Pursue a career confidently in Digital Marketing
• Understanding in-depth concepts of Digital Marketing channels
• Theoretical and practical knowledge Proficiency in both of Online Marketing course
• Create the strategic plan for your Online Marketing team
• Increase revenue or ROI
• Internet Marketing campaign success
• Last but not least, managing & taking up as Team-Lead / Specialist or Project Manager role in a given company with more confidence and ease

Experienced Digital Marketing Industry Expert

  • Digital Marketing Professionals with 10+ Years Experience

With our Advanced digital marketing course syllabus, learn techniques and concepts to get your brand or site listed on organic search engine results. Digital marketing training helps to improve your brand online performance and visitors.

Digital Marketing course are for those who are passionate to learn & get a grip on the to kick-start a professional career in digital marketing. At iBrain Technology digital marketing course will thoroughly guide you for a successful and confident online digital marketing plan, implementation and best results.


We enable you to get hold of the concepts theoretically & Practically on Live projects to understand and excel the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Digital Media Marketing Learning from the best Professionals effectively, in simple, and easy-to-implement learning fundamentals.


Students, Working Professional who is passionate and desperate in building a future in digital marketing field can be a part of the digital marketing corporate industry. If you are looking for career oriented online marketing course and interested in this market, iBrain Technology is the perfect place for you to get started.