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GOOGLE SEO Course Overview

iBrain Technology provides you the best two months SEO Training in Bhubaneswar duration for Beginners. Our SEO Specialists are working in Websites ranking and Websites traffic for more than five years and Guest Faculties from renowned Software Companies from Bangalore, we have now described SEO Training based on the IT Industry norms that will definitely help our students to compete the best SEO Training in just sixty days.

Basically, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. We can say SEO is an online marketing technique which helps you to bring your Website on the top in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) on a particular keyword. As we know the main target of a products or services websites to get maximum clients to their businesses, SEO is the best way to bring their websites more clients. We can increase the number of organic visitors to a website by doing SEO process in step by step manner. SEO makes a website to be easily searchable by Search Engine Robots on the relevant topics asked by the user and increases the chances of traffic without any cost.

SEO Course syllabus;

iBrain Technology helps you create a blog and implement the SEO best practices on your blog or you can wish to practice on Live Project websites too. Learn SEO course to expert SEO on, “How SEO work, steps for SEO strategies, SEO implementation process, performance analysis & SEO search optimization to drive SEO organic traffic & leads and more.”

Introduction to SEO Digital Marketing

About Search Engine

Latest Algorithm Updates & Changes

Keyword Analysis

Conduct Page-Level Optimization

Content Strategy

SEO On-Page Optimization

SEO Off-Page Optimization

Learn to Monitor, Analyze and Report on SEO Performance (Part -2)

Google SEO Local Listing Optimization


SEO 3rd Party Analysis Tools

Identify and Resolve Technical SEO Issues

Mobile SEO

Social Media for SEO

Landing Page Creation for SEO

WordPress CMS


SEO Reporting

SEO Strategy Plan

Benefits of SEO Course

This specialised SEO training course syllabus will give you a definitive edge in SEO the competitive marketplace. Upon search engine optimization completion, you will have the ability to think and function as an SEO analyst/ expert/specialist in your respective SEO role & responsibilities. Students will be confident with fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, SEO technical know-how and insight to build a SEO digital marketing strategy.

Statistics from Naukri.com show that over 16,000 Web Marketing posts remain vacant in India


Why you Required Google SEO Training Course?

Search Engine Optimization strategies would help to increase the visibility of your pages on your website on Search Engine and Google has dominated the world with the majority of users. Every organization begins leveraging Search Engine Optimization Techniques to rank on top of SERP. There are two advantages to focus on SEO rather than PPC.

  1. SEO helps in Organic Result

No one can bring his/ her advertisement on top like a paid advertisement as it is a natural unpaid advertisement.  Many users prefer organic advertisement as they feel those results give more worthy and quality outputs.

The organization needed to have quality Content, USPs (Unique Selling Proposition), relevant Keywords & Meta Tags to improve the visibility of website or webpage on search engine results. Whereas you can boost your ads on top of SERP with the budget you spend for advertisement. So many companies especially Startups focus on SEO as it brings high ROI with least investment (cost for SEO specialist) rather than Pay per Click ads.

  1. SEO is totally Unpaid Advertisement

Companies are not required to invest in Google or other search engines such as Bing, Oath to rank on the organic result. An organization only needed to afford the cost of the employee who works for SEO. This makes many SMEs attractive to invest in Search Engine Optimization.

Every organization tries to hire a candidate who owns SEO training certification while some startups do not spend in a paid advertisement as it required high investment. So Google SEO training course is one of boosting career option in the current scenario.

Other Benefits of Completing SEO Certification Course

Search Engine Optimization brings lots of career opportunities in the digital-dominated world. Companies convert into digital marketing platform as it brings high Return on Investment with cheap cost.  Some of the small business fascinated with Search Engine Optimization as it will not cost anything for ranking on top of search result.  So there are many benefits of gaining training in SEO and some of them are listed below

  1. You can build a Career as SEO Specialist

There are umpteen numbers of opportunities available for SEO executive as digital marketing is conquering entire every sector of business. Companies compete in online marketing and try to build their brand visibility and they are aware of huge opportunity to bring high sales volume and brand awareness as customers prefer online platform to ease their purchase activities.

SEO professional has to be gaining skills in data analytics, writing contents, link building, keyword research, auditing a website, SEO guideline, marketing and expertise in using all SEO related tools. He/ She is supposed to do Website Analysis, Website Auditing, Competitors Analysis, Keyword Research & Optimization, Content creation, On-page Optimization, Link building, Off-page optimization and Performance reporting.  SEO career would bring you lots of career opportunities as every company requires hiring SEO expert to get more traffic and build brand image.

  1. Freelance SEO consultant

Freelance work in Search Engine Marketing is the best career option to make growth in life. You would have some benefits to work as freelance as follows

  • You can work independently as you are not required to go the office or frustrated with 9 – 6 work routine.
  • You will have the advantage to work with multiple clients and more money. It would also help you to improve your skills and knowledge.
  • No need to work under a boss or fed up with work pressure as you can choose client conveniently.
  • Make an additional income source while you are working other job or doing business.
  • There is no procedure to begin or wind up for your work such as office work and you can start freelance work conveniently and quit your job anytime. There are no formalities to follow to commence or wind up your job.

Freelance work becomes one of best career option as companies desire to be done their work with third parties as they can focus on core business activities. They also can give their projects to different professionals conveniently. This makes companies attract freelance workers.

  1. SEO Helps You to Boost Your Sale

Doing SEO course would help you to achieve more benefits and many entrepreneurs tries to have skills in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Here we listed some of the benefits.

  • He/ she can save money by doing Search Engine Optimization practices as it would help him/ her to avoid cost for SEO expert.
  • No need to spend training cost and time for SEO professional to learn his/ her products and services.
  • He/ she can work independently and conveniently as there is no bar like time or place whereas SEO specialist would work only working days & times and inside the office.
  • It would help him/ her to understand market scenario, competitors, their USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) and performance of each Keyword. This would help him/ her to improve products quality, focus on performing keyword and realize real customers and segment the market accordingly.

What do you need to be aware while doing a course in SEO?

Many candidates incur a loss as he/ she suffers to get a job or waste time & money by doing an internship after the training course. Companies hesitate to hire a fresher as they need to spend time & money for his training after his training course. Candidates lack the confidence to work as he/she do not have practical experience.

A fresher has to gain skills to implement Search Engine Optimization strategies & tactics and analyze performance & report. He/ she needs to be careful while doing course whether institute would give any additional benefits apart from the course and any USPs that would help him/ her to boost confidence to work once course completed.

Doing a training course and spoiling time for internship again leaves you with the loss. There are many SEO training institutes in Bangalore offers SEO training course, but you have to keen to check certain benefits that would bring good results.  Choosing institute plays a vital part in your career same as course selection.

There are some SEO training institute in Bangalore provide some unique benefits such as real-time project work, individual interaction and special coaching after the class session that would help to gain enough skills and experience to work as an SEO expert

SEO Course Faculty

Ranjan Jena:  SEO Trainer with 13+ Years Experience

SEO Training Video: Discussion on SEO Strategy and Implementation Plan for SEO Project

In the above video session, Mr. Ranjan Jena and students are discussing the importance of Google SEO training courses and how it helps you to rank in search engine result. It covers entire SEO process that guides you to implement the strategies for an organization.

Search Engine Optimization map describes you step by step method to carry while working on a project. So every company has to be aware while hiring for SEO specialist whether he has SEO training certification and have any internship or real-time project work experience. There is certain step has to be followed to gain success in Search Engine Optimization Practice. Here we have listed steps has to be taken during a Search Engine Optimization project:

  1. SEO Client Discussion
  2. SEO Research & Analysis
  • Website Analysis for SEO
  • Website Auditing for SEO
  • Competitors Analysis for SEO
  1. SEO Implementation

  • Keywords Analysis for SEO
  • Content Creation for SEO
  • On- Page Practices for SEO
  • Blog Strategy for SEO
  • Internal Link Strategy for SEO
  • Off-Page Practices in SEO
  • Google Local Listing in SEO
  • National and International Strategy
  1. SEO Performance & Reporting



As an SEO specialist, you have to conduct meeting with a client to understand products & services, goals, targeted audience & location, competitors, focused keywords and any other relevant information about the organization. This will assist you to ease activities and get know what you have to bring to achieving your goal.


After discussion with the client, your involvement would be commenced.  A Search Engine Optimization specialist has to research and analyze the website, competitors, and audit the website.

  •      Website Analyze For SEO

Analyzing a website would help you to understand the product & services, USPs (Unique Selling Proposition). You will familiarize with overall organizational activities and support you to fetch strategies.

  • Website Auditing for SEO

A proper website structure is the black bone of online business as it represents your organization. You have to check whether a website is mobile responsive or not, integration of webmaster, the speed of website, website architecture, fixation of broken links.

  • Competitors Analysis

Understanding competitors’ activities such as Keywords, Meta tags, Blogs, On page practice, Social media programming and USPs is the best way to bring the successful implementation of SEO process. This gives you a clear picture what you need to project to rank on top of SERP and what are the keywords have to be targeted


This is a process of executing your plans and tactics for your SEO process.  There is some importance procedure has to be done for succeeding target.

  • Keyword Analysis For SEO

This is the vital part of Search Engine Optimization progression step as it affects your website visibility on search engine. There many tools to search for keywords such as Keyword Planner Tool. But you have to aware of certain manners while choosing a keyword like relevancy, traffic, and competition for a keyword.

  • Content Creation

A worthy content will include uniqueness, simple, quality of content, proper usage of keyword and helps a reader to find the solution.

  • On- Page Practice

This is an interior designing of content and helping you to rank on top of search engine result. Proper practice of keyword usage on URL, Page Title, Meta Title, Meta Description, Heading, Alternative Text, and Hyperlinks carries you on top of SERP. There are some other practices such as     Off – Page Practices, Social Media Programming, Google Local Listing (this will brings you on map list for local search) and National and International Strategies to boost your rank on search engine result.


Once implementation process has completed you are required to check the performance of each keywords using webmaster. It gives you the detailed report of performance and shows you where you are positioning, visibility of your Meta Tag on SERP, search volume of each keyword. This report is the most useful weapon as you will come to know which keyword you need to focus more and what are keywords are performing well.

An SEO specialist has to gain a thorough understanding of Search Engine Optimization practice. Mere SEO training course would not help him/ her as it requires practical experience. Many organizations prefer to hire experienced candidates or fresher with internship & real-time project work. None of the companies would desire to recruit a fresher who does not have any kind of practical experience in search engine optimization as they look for the result oriented candidate. There some SEO training institutes in Bangalore helping you with real-time project and internship along with training classes and boosts your confidence to crack interview as fresher.


We make them proficient in all the important aspects of SEO i.e., Website Analysis, Website Auditing, Keyword Research, Content Structuring, On-page Optimization, Off-page Optimization, Google Webmaster Tool, 3rd Party SEO Tools, SEO Strategies & Reporting along with Landing Page creation

What is SEO and Why it is so important?

SEO – Search engine optimization is a process of improving your website performance in search engine results.

Seo is so important because –

Nowadays internet is everywhere and people spent more time in the cyber world.

People do an internet research before they buy any product (both online & offline)

So in order to show them our client’s product/services, we have to do SEO.

Seo is free of cost also.

“Fishermen will capture fishes only from where they can find a large number of fishes. In the same way, marketers nowadays have to target their audience in the world of internet”

What are Google trends?

Google trends is a product from Google which gives you information on current trends on keyword search volume in all the geographical region.
Suppose if we need to know keyword search trends for a particular word in three states for past three months, Google trends will show exactly how people from those 3 states are using that keyword for the past 3 months.

Name some SEO blogs that you frequently read?

  • eMarketeducation.in/blog
  • Niel Patel
  • Onlinepaidlook.com
  • eCommerce platforms

What is crawling?

When someone put a search query in the Google search engine, that keyword will be checked by spiders in Google’s database.

What is Indexing?

Indexing is the process of storing your web-pages info in Google’s database. When someone searched a query and when your web-page result is shown, we can tell that it is indexed.

What is SERP?

Search engine result page is the page that shows in the search engine when some searched a result for a query.

What are the most important Google ranking factors?

  • Keyword Relevancy
  • Meta title, description, H1 & H2
  • Google local listing
  • Social bookmarking

How can I see what pages are indexed by google?

We can check in webmaster tool. From there we can see how many pages we got indexed by Google

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is the ranking given by MOZ for websites.

What is Google Algorithm?

It is a set of rules given by Google that website should follow in order to present the content of the website in the most suitable manner in front of an audience

What is the definition of keyword?

Keyword is what a searcher is typing in a search engine to get a solution for his problem.

What is the main purpose of using the keyword in SEO?

When someone is typing a search query in search engine, that means he is looking to get some information related to that search. So we SEO analysts will use keywords (queries) related to our P/S so that we can show our website results

What is keyword density? What is the formula for knowing keyword density?

Keyword density is the amount of time you used your keywords in total keywords that you have used.
Keyword count/Total Count * 100 is the formula.

What is SEO friendly URL?

URL should be in the right format A proper pathway should be there in URL like:

emarketeducation.in/course/seo training

How I can improve my website’s traffic from 1000 to 2000?

  • Have to target the keywords in our blog
  • We have to bring keywords which are having good ctr to better SERP results
  • Have to optimize all the pages
  • Have to optimize all the content.
  • Social bookmarking
  • Using Social media

Which are the best SEO strategies?

  • Understand business
  • Understand Goal/Objective
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Traffic
  • Ranking
  • Back linkingSWOT analysis
  • We have to understand strength weakness threat & opportunities for ours and our competitors. Our weakness will be our competitor’s opportunity their weakness will be our opportunity So competitor analysis is very important.
  • Understand website of others and ours
  • Use Semrush for understanding keywords
  • We have to use google local listings
    Have to engage in social bookmarking sites and social media platforms.

What are the top 4 on-page SEO techniques?

  • Meta title
  • Description
  • Headline 1
  • Headline 2
  • Alt tags

What is Canonical tags?

Canonical tags in a website will inform Google that website is having the same kind of page URLs in site

Why we use nofollow and noindex?

There will be certain pages which we don’t want Google to index while a search query is triggered by search engine results. So for that pages, we will put those in “nofollow” or “noindex” list.


We teach them few best 3rd party SEO tools to have better analysis of SEO performance